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Sunshine and Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the #1 anti-aging product. Wear it every day!

Today can be the day.

You can put a sunscreen in your car, golf bag, gym bag, tennis bag and your purse. We have to reapply! I find its not just for me, it is also for those who have forgotten theirs. 30 SPF is great! Physical I say! Physical sits on top of the skin and blocks UVA and UVB. Its less irritating. Mineral based with usually either Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide which deflects and scatters the rays.

The sun produces two types of ultraviolet radiations UVA and UVB radiation. UVA radiation causes premature aging, skin damage, and skin reactions. UVB radiation causes sunburn. They both increase your risk of cancer! Know your Moles. Impact Melanoma is great place for more information.

Summer Daytime Routine


Stem cell serum/Vital C hydrating A C and E serum (I use them both together)

Sunscreen Prevention + Daily hydrating moisturizer and Prevention + Ultra sheer spray SPF 45+on the neck down

This may seem like a lot to some. It is. A lot of protection.

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